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Shapes in the Dark 

The environment we live and interact with everyday plays an active role in affecting our subconscious, shaping how we feel, think and behave. At the same time, how we feel, think and behave actively shapes the environment around us, too. Our external and internal worlds are always dancing with one another. This is an idea I wanted to explore, inspired by the human and non-human landscapes in and around Sintra: the old cork trees, mosses, rich grasses and shrubs, alongside motorways, telephone lines, fences and walls. Human creations and constructions have merged in with the natural landscapes to create an entirely new world. These drawings imagine these interactions as through they are formed through a dream, hidden in the realm of our sunconscious.
This is the second series of work created during my residency at Azan Space in Sintra, Portugal.

Sintra, Portugal / March 2023

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